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Why forecast?

Get funded

Investors, lenders, potential acquirers need forecasts to evaluate their investment and anchor valuation

Manage cash

Make sure you don’t run out of money tomorrow and when/if you’ll need to raise more

Set goals

Align everyone on concrete goals and think through the details to reach them. Create accountability

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."
- Benjamin Franklin

Our approach

No more guessing

Choosing reasonable estimates with limited historical data or company growth/changes is hard. SumSavy aggregates data on relevant SaaS metrics from leading sources to build norms (benchmarks) to help you make better forecasts.

No annoying spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are tedious, error-prone, manual and isolated. SumSavy automates building and managing your forecasts to save you time, avoid errors and visualize your forecast instantly. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Tailored for SaaS

Generic excel templates or forecasting software isn’t that helpful. SumSavy only focuses on SaaS companies. A useful financial forecasting solution requires tools and data tailored to the unique characteristics of SaaS companies.

Lean philosophy

Less is more. SumSavy focuses on what matters. Forecasts are iterative, quick to update and account for uncertainty and change. Your financial forecasting approach should match the rest of your business.

How it works

Answer questions

Build a forecast in less than 5 minutes. Start with our template (based on reasonable assumptions) and tailor to fit your company. Or build a forecast from scratch.

Need help? Tips and explanations are built-in. Or check out our Tutorial or FAQs.

SaaS forecast template

SaaS forecast cash flow chart

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A useful dashboard helps you visualize your forecast, sanity check estimates and see key metrics side-by-side. Copy the charts and tables to use in presentations or share with others to tell your story. Change estimates and see the results immediately.


Easily manage forecasts centrally, no more searching Excel files or tabs. Quickly update forecasts based on feedback or new information. Run different scenarios to see a range of possible futures or different versions for certain audiences.

SaaS financial forecasts scenarios

How do I get started?

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Our 15-minute tutorial builds a sample forecast using SumSavy and provides useful tips from finance experts.

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